We all enter the world of network marketing through presentation, but mostly because we are on the list of MLM names of someone ( in general )!

For you it’s the same thing, the mandatory step if you want to start your network marketing business is to establish  »  Your list of names  « .

Is this famous list of names really so important? And what exactly is it for? 


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The exercise of creating your  »  list of names   » seems easy, but to look closely … Not so much that finally.

And even if the answer seems obvious, we all have pretty much the same feeling:

  • Why and for whom to make this list of names?
  • How to develop your list of names?


Why and for whom to make this list of names?

The first thing that comes to your mind is that this list of names, also known as a « contact list, » is used to provide you with a pool of « hot » leads to share your opportunity.

Unfortunately many people neglect this famous list which is not only for the purpose of providing you with prospects.

The list of names will allow you to do serious network marketing, and the larger the list, the more likely your network is to be strong!

Firstly because among your contacts there will be one or more rare pearls, but moreover it will allow you to learn the trade. Even if we all have scruples to use people we know, those close will allow us to better control and accept the rejection!

The other aspect you need to consider when drawing up your list is that your famous contacts will serve your UP LINE, not for them directly, but to help you work better with your prospects.

As you will have understood, agreeing to make your  »  list of names   » is to agree to establish a relationship of trust with your sponsor and all the branch in which you are.

See your list of names as your main working tool, even if there is nothing or not much!


How to develop your list of names?

The first thing you absolutely need to do to create your list is not to prejudge who will or will not be interested. You must write all the names without exception … Sorting will be done alone after!

You could sleep all the names that go through your head, one behind the other, but well, there is better to do. In order to gain precision, it is important to segment your list.

There are 3 types of contact:

  1. HOT contact – This is your close network, family, friends, anyone you care about and who listens to you. We call it « the circle of influence »
  2. Contact TIED – These are all people in the circle of influence of your network, plus some people you know but with whom you do not have regular contact.
  3. COLD contact – These are all the others, the unknowns … In short, the entire planet!


How to segment your list of names?

There are several ways to write a list of contacts, but here is a very pointed one that comes from Mr Christophe Thamri , founder of the program  »  Success MLM  « .

1 / Take a sheet of A4 paper and cut it into 4, which will give you 8 boxes front and back.

2 / Write down at least 20 names in each box


As shown below :


List of names - front


List of names - verso             


3 / Then, once you have recorded all the contacts, review all the names and each, ask yourself the following question: Who do I know this person knows?

You can go even further, by asking yourself the following question: Example, stone has a car of such mark or color, who has a car of the same make?

Another example, Pierre lives in this street, who I know who lives in the same street? … Etc.

This is called the  »  principle of association  « .



La liste de noms reste un passage obligatoire et indispensable dans le marketing de réseau !

Toutefois, même si elle a une grande importance pour montrer votre implication et la confiance que vous accordez à l’équipe, elle représente une base travail non négligeable.

Mais soyons clair, cette liste de contact peut s’avérer aussi décevante qu’enrichissante.

Faites vous les dents dessus et  travaillez-là à fond, surtout au niveau du « cercle d’influence« … Elle sera peut-être la base solide de l’équipe que vous allez bâtir.


Bien Amicalement



C’était : La liste de noms en MLM, indispensable ou inutile ?

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